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Pastry Molds

Pastry Molds

We currently offer over 20 of the most popular mold shapes in the industry.
Our mold surfaces are as smooth as glass and permanently treated with non-stick silicon. Baked items pop right out of our molds with no scraping! Frozen or gel foods can be pushed out from the bottom without an extractor! They're so flexible you can actually turn them inside out without causing damage.
They can be used for cooking and freezing in temperatures from -40° to 470°F (-40° to 243°C). They're easy to clean—just rinse and wipe dry—and they're NSF approved.

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    Earlier we mentioned that we are a full service manufacturer of high-quality silicone products with special emphasis on professional-grade kitchenware, but what does that mean?

    For starters, we’re experienced OEM contract manufacturers. Our bread and butter comes from a complete range of OEM research, development & manufacturing services that we deliver to clients throughout Asia, Europe and North America. We guide customer projects from concepts to finished products quickly and cost-effectively, and we can do the same for you.

    If you’re looking for something unique and can’t find what you need from among our standard silicone molds shown in the section above, then we have the expertise to develop custom molds from scratch to fit your specific requirements.

    Our molds are environmentally responsible, earth-friendly silicone products. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, our silicone products are indisputably safer for human health and our fragile environment. Silicone is much longer lasting and, if properly disposed of by incineration or recycling, it can be converted back into harmless inorganic ingredients.

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